Travelling has always been the way to approach civilizations, cultures and people. Indigo´s philosophy is to build a bridge between cultures and nations and by this means to help reduce the distance between them. Our corporate philosophy aims to establish long-lasting professional relationships with our clients based upon the following four elements:

This is the basic foundation to build up a professional relationship. In order to obtain the trust of our clients we promise professional and response within 24 hours.

Financial Reliability
We are aware that Corporate Events require the back up of a very solid financial structure. The INDIGO DMC Group Financial Management is known by partners as well service providers for their professionalism at the highest level.

Quality of Service
Our philosophy is based upon personalized service, where each event is considered as a unique project, and where we create the highest standards of quality service.

All of our activities are focused on sustainable tourism. These cover a number of issues ranging from utilization of energy friendly buses, utilization of hotels that use solar energy, recycling of materials to buying from local businesses and not exploiting the wildlife or harming the environment as well as strengthening local communities in eco tourism development.