El Ejido

El Ejido has the largest area in the world in agro-industrial greenhouses and hothouses. Today more than 36,000 hectares of plastic greenhouses cover this area which once was a barren desert. Currently more than three million tons of greenhouse vegetables are produced in this area every year.

In El Ejido there are now numerous internationally recognized research stations that help cooperatives in the quality, ecology and new approaches in order to improve production. Today, more than 70% of the greenhouses, don’t need external energy for the preservation or cultivation of their products. The esteem of these studies are nationally and internationally recognized through participation in various projects (CENIT and PROFIT CICYT). The main areas of the research stations are divided into 4 parts, being the technology of growing houses, cultivation of subtropical fruits in the Mediterranean region, biotechnology and matters for sustainability and the environment. An important task within the research station is the spreading and assigning of knowledge through dissertations, theses, technical seminars and visits to the centers. For professional groups in different areas, there are seminars for ecological economics, in order to let them participate in the promotion of sustainable development.

INDIGO DMC Group S.L. signed on the 23.08.2012 a cooperation with the municipality of El Ejido and organizes, in cooperation with the various ministries, agricultural and permacultural travel and special programs for cooperations, technicians, scientists, engineers, agronomists, universities, colleges, rural women's organizations, industry and trading room, farmers' organizations, trade unions, etc.

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